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Hello planet, I’m back in the business

Hello KDE people, long time no blog..

I used to write on a blog of a friend who basically stopped hacking and contributing for some personnal reasons, so he closed its server! I didn’t blog anymore, but I’m back.

After a break in hacking for more community contributions (help in events, manage some meetings, that kind of things..), but I’m back on hacking. I’m still working on Calligra, we are on UI design things, especially on stage. I have not a lot of free time to contribute, but I try my best to make things come real!

Well, I’ll blog soon to show you how does the stage UI has changed, both in visibility and usability, so stay tuned.



27 février, 2013 à 10 h 25 min

4 Commentaires pour “Hello planet, I’m back in the business”

  1. jstaniek écrit:

    Welcome back to blogging, Jean-Nicolas!


  2. Aurélien Gâteau écrit:

    Welcome back Jean-Nicolas! Looking forward for your work on Calligra!


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